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About Us

About TK

Tutus Kurniati Resort Wear (“TK”) is the latest resort wear shopping destination located in Dubai and founded by Tutus Kurniati. TK seeks to target and define the premium resort wear market in the region by presenting both, an offline and online shopping experience, though its newly commissioned classy boutique and tutuskurniati.com.

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Inspired by the beach front life style of Dubai, TK aims to offer the most desirable ‘head to toe’ ladies’ resort wear for women desiring sophisticated, yet timeless fashion in leisure wear. It prides itself on providing the best selection of resort wear and high quality brands for the coastal lifestyle of Dubai and the rest of the UAE. TK is eager to offer incredible resort wear for women of all sizes who are confident in their own body and beautiful in their own uniqueness. It aims to bring out the opulent and sophisticated coastal city look.


TK caters for the cosmopolitan mix of reasonably well off women, representing a cross cultural life style which is relaxed and appreciative of nature, all of which are displayed in their manner of dressing. TK aims to deliver a curation of high quality leisure wear for ladies, offering high fashion selected from multiple brands worldwide spanning the entire spectrum of designer brands and catering for a variety of tastes.

TK offers brands that represent quality, authenticity and unique characteristics in its collections. TK’s motto is “You can have what you want in life provided you dress for it”. TK truly believes fashion to be an identity statement.